Welcome to Bhutanese Community of Nebraska

At the Bhutanese Community of Nebraska, we provide unwavering support for Bhutanese individuals and families who have chosen Nebraska as their new home, ensuring a seamless transition and fostering a strong sense of belonging. In addition, we are dedicated to giving back to our broader community through diverse social initiatives, embodying the spirit of service and enriching the lives of all Nebraskans. Together, we bridge cultures, uplift lives, and build a thriving, compassionate community for everyone.

Our main objecties are:

Certainly, here are some objectives of the Bhutanese Community of Nebraska, outlined in points:
1. **Support and Integration:**
- Facilitate the smooth integration of Bhutanese individuals and families into Nebraska society.
- Provide resources, guidance, and assistance to help newcomers adapt to their new environment.

2. **Cultural Preservation:**
- Preserve and celebrate Bhutanese cultural heritage, traditions, and values within the Nebraska community.
- Organize events, workshops, and activities that promote cultural understanding and awareness.

3. **Empowerment and Education:**
- Empower community members through educational programs, vocational training, and skill-building workshops.
- Foster opportunities for personal and professional growth, enhancing self-sufficiency.

4. **Social Services:**
- Engage in various social and community service projects that benefit both the Bhutanese community and the larger Nebraska population.
- Collaborate with local organizations to address social challenges and contribute positively to society.

5. **Health and Well-being:**
- Advocate for accessible healthcare resources and services tailored to the needs of the Bhutanese community.
- Promote health awareness and wellness initiatives for all community members.

6. **Youth Development:**
- Offer programs and activities that engage Bhutanese youth, providing a platform for personal development, leadership, and positive engagement.

7. **Civic Engagement:**
- Encourage active participation of Bhutanese community members in local civic and community affairs.
- Foster a sense of responsibility, civic pride, and contribution to the betterment of Nebraska.

8. **Cross-Cultural Exchange:**
- Build bridges between the Bhutanese community and other cultural groups in Nebraska through events, workshops, and cultural exchanges.
- Promote understanding and harmony among diverse communities.

9. **Advocacy:**
- Advocate for policies and initiatives that positively impact the Bhutanese community's needs and aspirations.
- Raise awareness about challenges faced by community members and work towards equitable solutions.

10. **Community Building:**
- Organize social gatherings, festivals, and events that promote unity, connection, and a sense of belonging among Bhutanese residents.

12. **Resettlement Support:**
- Provide assistance to Bhutanese refugees arriving in Nebraska, offering guidance on housing, employment, and navigating local services.

About Us:

The Bhutanese Community in Nebraska was founded in 2016 in response to the pressing need for comprehensive support for Bhutanese refugees settling in the state. As a non-profit organization, it is dedicated to offering essential assistance and resources to Bhutanese individuals and families who have sought refuge in Nebraska. This community-driven initiative plays a crucial role in ensuring successful resettlement by providing an array of vital services. These services include advice on healthcare access to address medical needs, legal advice to navigate complex legal processes, and a range of other advice to aid in various aspects of daily life. Through collaborative efforts, the Bhutanese Community in Nebraska actively bridges cultural differences, fostering unity and understanding between the Bhutanese community and the broader Nebraska population. This organization stands as a beacon of empowerment, offering guidance and support to help Bhutanese refugees integrate, thrive, and contribute positively to their newfound home.

Bhutanese People in Nebraska :

Bhutanese people in Nebraska are a vibrant and resilient community that has found a new home in the state. Having navigated unique journeys, they bring a rich cultural heritage to Nebraska's diverse tapestry. Rooted in their traditions, Bhutanese individuals in Nebraska actively contribute to the local landscape through their determination, skills, and willingness to integrate. With the support of community initiatives, they are forging connections, sharing their stories, and working towards a future of unity and progress.

Bhutanese Refugees

Bhutanese refugees are individuals and families who were displaced from their homeland, Bhutan, due to political and ethnic conflicts. Fleeing persecution, they sought safety and stability in other countries, often living in refugee camps while awaiting resettlement. These resilient individuals have faced challenges but have also shown incredible strength and adaptability as they rebuild their lives in new environments. As they integrate into host countries, they bring with them their unique culture, traditions, and stories, enriching the communities they become a part of.

Bhutanese Community of Nebraska, Inc. stands as a shining testament to the power of unity, compassion, and resilience. Since its establishment in 20165, this community has passionately dedicated itself to supporting Bhutanese individuals and families who have sought refuge in the welcoming embrace of Nebraska. As a non-profit organization, it has diligently provided crucial services ranging from healthcare access to legal guidance, demonstrating a deep commitment to the holistic well-being of its members. Through its efforts, cultural exchange, and community-building initiatives, the Bhutanese Community of Nebraska has woven a tapestry of understanding and harmony between its members and the larger Nebraska population. It is a beacon of empowerment, a bridge between cultures, and a source of inspiration for forging a brighter, shared future. As the journey continues, this organization remains an essential force that uplifts, empowers, and unites, illustrating the profound impact a dedicated community can have on the lives of its members and the society they call home.