Urgent Financial Support Needed....

Urgent Financial Support To                        Bhutanese community in Nebraska . 

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions of our poor people in the community and help staffs helping members. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

We are non profit organization of Bhutanese people living in Nebraska. We don't have any grants.  Public donation is only the way to pay the Rent, Expenses, & the bills of the office. Your kind generous financial support  can only hold our office keep running to support our community. 

Here is the ground link to see what we are in need of and what amount of financial support specially we are needing with. 

Thank you to Paladino Development Group Landlord for providing free office space for us. 

Now we are in need of paying OPPD & MUD Bills of our Community office. 

MUD = $276.84  (Over Due) 

OPPD = $577.90 (Over Due)

Total of both bills is now $ 854.74 

Thank you the neighbors for free internet sharing. In future, we'll be connecting internet if we find any donors. 

We are expecting of $1500 more  bills in MUD Gas  and OPPD Electric bills in the future for a year. 

Note to BCN Members,

Namaskar to all the Bhutanese Members of Nebraska. Hope you doing well. 

We are posting & sending an urgent financial issues of BCN. Please closely check on it and try to show your great heart of giving & generosity. BCN loves you and hope you don’t throw negativity on us with due respect ✊ of how we have contributed to this community. Thank you 🙏 


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Grand Picnic of Bhutanese Community in Nebraska on Sunday, August 26th, 2018
VENUE: 809 Carter Lake Shore Dr N, Omaha, NE 6811

Grand BCN Picnic Coordinator
Dipak Karki/ Dil Karki - 402-714-2267

About Grand Picnic of BCN:
Bhutanese Community in Nebraska is a common platform of all the Bhutanese living in Nebraska, USA since October 22nd, 2008. This picnic is organized by the leaders of BCN, Churches, Buddhist, Hindu, and Kirat. BCN Picnic is the together effort of all the leaders of all the religious and non-religious leaders, local businesses, and the members of Bhutanese Community in Nebraska together. We trust in unity and stand together to preserve our unique values & support in each other’s’ needs. Our goal is to keep all together and socialize them in between and with outside Communities. In this picnic, we are having lunch together, dances, singing, honoring, fun for kids, and many more. Please kindly join us.
Our community is our strength. We hope this picnic will benefit us on knowing between us, grow more connection in between, and keep us happy in this new place. This is the first time all the BCN families are eating together. Let’s join our hands to keep us tight.

Dear BCN Members,
Our leaders will be reaching you for the contribution of $20 per family on your willingness. Your whole family can join the picnic. 

New Life Bhutanese Church, Kirat Cultural Society, Yayokha, Buddhist Samaj, Hindu Samaj/ Manav Dharma, Abhisek Nepali Church, Nepali Mission Church and Omaha Christian Assembly. 

Let’s have a big day together.


BCN Picnic Organizing Committe Leaders Bhim Gurung   (302-312-1435) Birkha Sampang  (402-686-3745) Phurba Tamang   (402-312-0294) DB Tamang  (402-686-1344)  Raj K Chhetri  (402-591-9047)  Mon Tamang  (402-213-0902) Bhadra Magar  (402-216-4566)  Dal Tamang  (402-983-4622) Raju Subba  (402-739-2706)  Shree Man Rai  (402-452-0557) Durga Biswa (402-359-3331) Kumar Gurung  (402-812-5616) Amir Gurung  (402-706-9071) Mongal Rai (402-714-6932) Buddhi Man Rai(402-906-1364) Chandra Rai  (402-715-6932) Badal Thapa  (585-752-6703) Kharka Gajmer  (402-706-4009) Santa Gurung  (520-551-3944)   Bala Biswa  (402-594-6671)  Govin Magar  (402-594-6671)  Karna Gurung  (402-452-8804 Timon Gurung  (402-321-4210 Surja Rai  (402-452-7839) Krishna Subba  (402-517-8125) 

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Welcome to Omaha,Nebraska, USA

DES KHOJ DAI JADA movie show date is moved in the middle of September & October. We're looking for right venue right now... Once we know the venue and day, we'll let you know right away.  Old tickets will be valid for $5 only but new tickets cost $10-$15 as per the time situation. Thank you. 

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Bhutanese Community in Nebraska

Bhutanese Community in Nebraska is a common platform of all the Bhutanese living in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Bhutanese Community in Nebraska

816 N 44th Street #7, Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Phone: (402) 312-1435


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment / Closed. 

Sunday: By appointment / Closed.


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About Us

Our staff & volunteers

President - Bhim Gurung

Vice-President - Krishna Subba

General Secretary- Surja Rai

Finance Secretary - Jit Subba

Our history

Estd: 2009

Hot News: 7th National OBCA Convention & Inter-State Women Soccer Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Our mission

The mission of Bhutanese Community in Nebraska is to create an enduring legacy of New Americans’ heritage for future generations through stewardship of successful integration, and community contributions.